My Recipes

It's strange to compile a list of things you've made over the past few years. But a good strange, the kind of strange that gives you a sense of accomplishment, but also one that shows you certain food tics you never really knew (but maybe kind of suspected) that you had. For example, I like lemon a lot--and coconut, too. I've also eaten a tremendous(ly horrifying) amount of cake, pancakes and cupcakes alike since having started this blog. Can I really complain about a good thing, though? And isn't it all for the sake of expanding my culinary skills?
        On a more serious note, however, because I could never be one of those people who simply gave you the recipe I'd be telling you about in the title of the post (it's practical, but so not me), I figured it was high time I organize things for your reading and cooking convenience. So, without further ado....

Drinks and Cocktails:
Agua de Jamaica

Sides, Starters and Simple Meals:


Vegetables and Vegetarian Dishes:

Savory Pies and Tarts:

Meat and Fish:

Breads, Pizzas and Quickbreads:

Cakes and Cupcakes:

Sweet Pies and Tarts:

Custards, Puddings, Panna Cotta and Porridges:

Fruit Desserts:


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